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The Brown Bean is a boutique coffee roasting business offering freshly roasted coffee beans which have been sourced from coffee plantations that are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable, resulting in a 'fair roast' for you, the local coffee growers and their workers.


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The Has Garanti 2.5kg Roaster almost Energy Safe Victoria Compliant

After some trials and tribulations, we are now well on the way to having our 2.5kg Has Garanti Roaster made compliant to Energy Safe Victoria's standards. Aldo Drinkwater our specialist Gasfitter has managed this process with just the inspection to be completed before we obtain certification.

Its been a 2-3 month process after receiving the machine form Coffee Roasters Australia certified to Queensland standards. 


You can now order your favourite Brown Bean Coffee direct from our website.

Thanks to Andrew our techie brother, we now have an online store on our website. You can order through Paypal or using your Credit Card with a secure payment gateway. You'll get the choice to pickup or have your coffee delivered direct to your door through the Australia Post Delivery Service. No more hassling with Cash! You even get a copy of the invoice and order emailed directly to your email account.